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Epilepsy is a condition that affects the brain and causes repeated seizures. Epilepsy is estimated to affect more than 500,000 people in the UK. This means that almost one in every 100 people has the condition. We are a network of friends who share experiences of surgery for epilepsy. Epilepsy Surgery Friends offers support along with talking, sharing with those who have already experienced surgery.

Have you been offered surgery for epilepsy but unsure what to do? Have you had surgery and did it work for you? Whatever questions you may have we can help.




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Sharing experiences with others can provide encouragement, positivity, bravery, resilience.

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logoOur aim is to support as many patients as possible who are offered this type of surgery to get through it as smoothly as possible. Members who have had this type of surgery share their experiences of it with those offered it to support them make the decision that's right for them. We ultimately would also like to offer our support in hospitals. We now also have our own funding page where members make donations created from their own fund raising initiatives.







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So many of us who have been through epilepsy surgery all agree that finding suitable people to chat to who have had similar unique experiences is very hard to find. We hope through this website and Facebook page our community will support many sufferers and allow them to feel less isolated and closer to people who know exactly what they are going through and able to assist them through such a traumatic experience.

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"This group is a great, supportive atmosphere, filled with experience and advice that you couldn't get elsewhere. I hope I can help some members, by drawing on my own experience of epilepsy surgery back in 2005. Thanks for putting this together, it will offer more support and guidance than ever deemed possible."

Chalie Choppers - August 2016