Supporting patients and families through Epilespy Surgery.

For 38 years I suffered with Epilepsy from the age of 7 months, blind in one eye, brain damaged and partially disabled down my right side. All my life I had to be with someone due to my seizures.

However then in 2013 I had the opportunity to have surgery under the care of Dr. M. Prevett based in Southampton General Hospital.

I had 2 brain operations which lasted 16 and half hours. The first one included putting 3 metal plates in before my right hippocampus was removed from my brain a week later.

It has been 6 years now since my operations and I’ve been seizure free ever since which has changed my life so much.

The hardest part for me was getting through the recovery as I was suffering from anxiety.

It was also hard to get used to the changes in my life such as being able to go out on my own independently, not expecting to damage myself whilst seizing and doing things by myself again.

I'm still on medication but happy to say I've had the all clear from my specialist to start to decrease them which feels amazing.

Some of the things I’ve done since having surgery Is I’ve been up in a helicopter, been to concerts and done the Weldmar Midnight Walk twice which I’ll be doing again later this year!

During my recovery I also had invaluable support from this group where I started to talk to people like Anthony Williams and others who have been through the surgery. It really helped me because I felt at last I’ve found some really nice friends I had so much in common with. This was a blessing as I no longer had friendships with my old friends anymore.

Last year I held an event for the group outside one of my local café's called Tea On The Green which is run by my second cousin Jenny James. We held a stall outside with a coffee & cake morning where we happily raised £116.00 overall. Jen has also kindly let me sell keyrings, earring sets, mugs, pens and other bits to raise awareness of the group.

I’m also hoping to run another event when the warmer weather arrives as both myself and Jen who runs the cafe feel really proud to support the group especially as any funds raised on the gofundme site all goes towards improving services for epilepsy.

We chose the £116 we rose to go towards epilepsy services at this Charity - see certificate below.

Allie wishes to thank Dr. Page and Michelle Knight at this hospital for their support and being there when I need them.