Sharing experiences

We are a network of friends who share experiences of surgery for epilepsy. We mainly communicate online via Facebook but often organise meetings so members get the chance to socialise, something these sufferers often miss out on. Also our aim is to create a positive voice about epilepsy as a whole and meeting each other directly gives sufferers the chance to socialise and create a positive voice.

Group introduction.

We are a network of friends who share our experiences of surgery for epilepsy. Being part of such a positive group gives all members lots to be proud of. Being a candidate for this type of surgery is a scary time for both the sufferers and their families. It brings with it lots of unanswered questions and the only people who can often answer such questions is people who have been there. This is where we come in and give our support and help ease the anxiety of everyone concerned.

How would this funding have an impact on your community?

So far all the activities and marketing we do is all self financed. Me as the leader has to fully pay any money upfront for any marketing and merchandise to help the group grow. Some committed members of the group do help me by purchasing items off me for the price I bought them for such as for T-shirt. Any smaller items of merchandise I usually give out as a gift from me as the cost would be embarrassing to ask members for. If we was to get funding from somewhere to buy more merchandise it would help us to reach even more members and raise even more positive awareness.

"Anthony Williams had successful surgery for epilepsy which completely changed his life. He is so pleased with the result that he now leads this group which is aimed at helping the very people who himself once found himself in."