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Laura Squire July 24, 2016 | Epilepsy surgery friends has helped me so much over the last 6 months. My little boy had surgery 6 weeks ago and like any mummy when we were told initially he had to have brain surgery I was petrified. I had the pleasure of meeting Anthony and a few others who had had the surgery and I can honestly say I don’t no how I would of got through it without the support of the group. There was no one better than to talk to other people and other mums who had gone through the same procedure. 6 weeks on and my little man is doing amazing. Thank you so much Anthony for starting this group, you are truely an amazing person xx


Val Samuel June 25, 2016 | I would like to say that being in this group from the onset of its life and to see it continue to grow has been a rewarding experience. By trying to guide people to their goal and put them at ease with knowledge and experience has been amazing. Following people’s story from the outcome of making one of the biggest decisions of their life and seeing them give their experiences during their process is just second none and an honour to be an active member. This is one big happy family and friendships (too many to list but you know who you are) willing to hopefully help people improve people’s quality of life and long may it continue. I must end with a big thank you to Anthony for his inspiration and enthusiasm of making this group what it has become.  


Clare June 25, 2016 | Epilepsy Surgery Friends has helped me so much! My husband Rob was waiting on a date for surgery when I joined this group. Rob is now a few weeks post left temporal lobe surgery and the group has been invaluable throughout our surgery journey. The ability to ask questions about anything from understanding complex medical info to the mundane has meant the world to both of us. Meeting people who understand and friends who have been so supportive at a scary time was wonderful. We even met one of the members at Rob’s hospital! Thank you Anthony for starting this group and giving all of us an opportunity to share our concerns and celebrate our successes together. 


Letitia Tinney June 24, 2016 | I would think to thank Anthony I had my surgery 11 years ago it didn’t work but I found this group and it’s amazing they are always there for you and everyone is going through the same thing every day it’s great to talk to epilepsy surgery and friends they are more like family now to me I have made alot of friends they are so amazing people when I talk to them they can understand what I am going through Anthony is a amazing person and Debbie always gives me positive energy and Simon and Zoe they are All great in the group and I feel so comfortable talking to them thankyou again XXX 


Kelly Johnson June 24, 2016 | I would like to say a massive thank you to the Epilepsy Surgery Friends group on Facebook it has been amazing where I have been able to get advice from alot of people, I am still awaiting my surgery at the moment, the people on the group, the guidance they give is our of this world.


Sean Leonard June 24, 2016 | Hi Anthony, I was at a seize control event through epilepsy action and someone mentioned this group to me which is so useful discussing topics which myself and others relate to and knowing you aren’t the only one. Thanks Anthony for creating and everyone else’s participation. 


Zoe June 23, 2016 | I would like to say a huge thank you to this group! It’s over 6 months ago I had my surgery now and without a doubt I can certainly say having people to talk to who understand what you are going through has made me avoid one big downwards emotional spiral! I had about an 85% chance of developing depression after my surgery and I’m pretty sure if it wasn’t for you lovely people I would be on anti-depressants by now! You’ve seen and guided me through some very scary times since the surgery. Special thanks to Anthony and Debbie for helping me that scary night a few months back and telling me to go to A&E and Anthony also for writing all the updates for me as you were all so (kindly) concerned about me! We really are like a little family who are always here for each other and I thank god I found you!!!  


Sam Proctor June 23, 2016 | I found this wonderful group 10 days before our 10 year old son had occipital lobe disconnection parietal temporal lobe removal surgery. I was able to open up to people who understood…rather than friends who didn’t have a clue what we were going through. Bailey is doing so well and is now alongside myself supporting others going through similar experiences. I’m now proud to be an admin on this wonderful group, Anthony is now someone I can call a true friend along with some of the other members of the group. Between us we support each other and thrive to spread much needed awareness.


Julia June 22, 2016 | I found this wonderful group just over a year ago now. All the members are so helpful and caring in the process leading up to surgery and beyond! We have made some life long friends in our sons journey towards surgery for his epilepsy. 


Debbie Bromley-Derry June 22, 2016 | Anthony, creating this group was an amazing, thoughtful thing to do. Having had surgery, finding this group has been a huge ‘Positivity ‘ for me . I love the balance of support and supporting each other ☺. Our days out together is also a lovely thing to do. And we are all proud to wear our group T shirts that we’ve made. I love the reactions from people when I have it on . Anthony, as I always say to you when I see you…. hold yr head up and stay proud xx 


Jemma Scarry June 22, 2016 | Epilepsy surgery friends was a godsend when my daughter was having her surgery and continues to be a massive support to us post surgery as well. Chatting to people who have experienced surgery and the landmines surrounding it was so helpful and my daughter loves the group days out that are planned. 


Steve June 21, 2016 | Hey Anthony, I need to thank you for all the support you give by creating and running the support group on Facebook called “Epilepsy Friends Surgery”. The closeness by people with epilepsy, family, friends and caregivers of people with epilepsy brings everybody together like a tight knit family. And to top it off, your support group focuses on support of all aspects of the different surgeries for people with epilepsy. Your experience of having surgery, lets you and others pass on their support to,people looking into surgery. Thank you so much for taking the time to give the support you do to people throughout the world including me from across the pond! 


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