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Epilepsy Pilgrim Walk

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Thank you for all the support

Hey Anthony, I need to thank you for all the support you give by creating and running the support group on Facebook called “Epilepsy Friends Surgery”. The closeness by people with epilepsy, family, friends and caregivers of people with epilepsy brings everybody together like a tight knit family. And to top it off, your support group focuses on support of all aspects of the different surgeries for people with epilepsy. Your experience of having surgery, lets you and others pass on their support to, people looking into surgery. Thank you so much for taking the time to give the support you do to people throughout the world including me from across the pond! 


Award to Mya

     Mya's award    

Mya won the community volunteer of the year award where she is student at the university of Worcester.


The bake sale Mya held, and combined with other group members in the area helped to raise funds for epilepsy service at Birmingham children's hospital charity on behalf of the group.